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We build ideas to live and work

Fundiciones WEC, Salvatierra

16,000 m2 for wind turbine production

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General characteristics

Galdiano has commissioned for Fundiciones WEC (Wind Energy Casting), a Basque company specialised in the wind energy sector and that manufactures wind turbine parts, a production plant in the Galzar de Salvatierra (Alava) industrial estate.

The installations occupy a surface area of 16,000 m2 as well as exterior offices occupying 650 m2. The installations were manufactured from an exterior metallic structure with large openings, which facilitated the use of heavyweight bridge cranes, necessary to move parts during the production process. The production activity required pits to be made under level 0.

The relief of the land meant initially the land had to be blown-up; some 65.000 m3 of marlstone was blown up an it was later reused to fill in the extrados.


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